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Use It or Lose It

Use It or Lose It

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Use It or Lose It
The Parable of the Talents shared with a Story and a Puzzle


Use your God-given talents or lose them. God will find someone else to do the work, and you will miss the blessing.

In Matthew 25, Jesus shares a powerful story about a rich man trusting his servants with large amounts of money, known as talents. The “Use It or Lose It” story and magical effect, allows you to share the message of Jesus’ story in a way that all will understand and remember. In the presentation a unique puzzle piece is removed from a foam puzzle cube. The piece is placed under a cloth and vanishes from a helper’s hand. A small gift bag is shown with a locked wooden treasure chest inside. The box is opened and the missing puzzle piece is found inside. This is amazing magic with a powerful story and message. Comes with demo DVD, unique puzzle cube with six different pieces, easy vanish cloth, gift bag, and special wooden treasure box.

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