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Chocolate Surprise by Dick Bowman

Chocolate Surprise by Dick Bowman

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What's better than a magician finding chocolate chip cookies at his fingertips? Finding mini chocolate bars of course! No one wants cookies that a "magician" has touched. Yuck! Kids will scream as you produce one mini Hershey bar after another invisibly from the air and drop them in a bag. As you toss them in the bag you can hear the bars choco-plunk inside. But this is more than a sanitary way to do the classic Bob McAlister cookie trick. Dick Bowman has kept all the sweet fun though, including a Reese's cup sticking to your backside. This is where the kids really scream from a sugar-licious high. It suggests two surprise endings and of course that final full bag of mini bars for sharing. Comes with all gimmicked bags, gimmicked candy bars and gimmicks for that sticky Reese cup. Real candy for giveaways and bowl not included.

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