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New Year, New You Set!

These effects were part of my 2019 New Year, New You Show!

All bold items are available from me.

I opened with The Famous Black and White Handkerchief Trick which got everyone laughing and feeling great, Then spoke about change with the Color Changing Wreaths. Produced a Dove with the Tora Black Box where I spoke of peace and how important that is for our daily lives. Then I used Grandmas Sweater which is a heart tug story where a ball of yarn turns into a small sweater. I talk about the qualities of love and giving. (Hope to have this available soon.) Throughout the show I used SMILE quotes that talk about the importance of a smile. I used Reception to produce a smile banner (Barry Mitchell) for info see video. I did the Funny Money Routine from Robert Baxt. Great comedy!My closing was Mother Of All Diamonds, patience we all need that this year! I ended with Abbots Elusive Bunny Box and my bunny!