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Halloween DVD Set From Kidabra 2005

Halloween DVD Set From Kidabra 2005

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Only Available from those who actually performed on the DVD. NO STORES WILL SELL THIS!
A Ground Breaking Event: A Two Disc DVD Set: Things Go Magical in the Night- The Live KIDabra Halloween Session The Project: Gather many of todays top children's performers to share tons of ideas on the holidays that you can use in your own shows. First up- The Halloween Session, taped live at KIDabra with the hilarious Mike Bent as Master of Ceremonies. Laugh and be inspired by Mikes zany creativeness and don't miss his classic Mummy Dearest. See Barry Mitchell perform a simple, but terrific routine with Candy Corn, Tim Sonefelt shares an easy to make pumpkin/ jack-o-lantern zombie, Duane Laflin with a killer pumpkin sponge ball routine, Jim Kleefeld with an excellent Halloween Safety routine with Trevor Lewis's Flashlight Fun. Dave Risley- The Riz with a plethora of ideas with old Supreme Routines and David Kaye as first Silly Billy sharing his wand and Halloween routines including a make it yourself Silly String Spider worth the cost of the DVD, then making his first ever video appearance as Dr. Blood along with his very commonsense advice on presenting gross/scary magic for kids. Plus so much more great stuff- see Sammy Smith with Critter Knitters, Ralph the Great with Necklace Quest and a Pumpkin Card Trick you can make up and Ken Scott with a super routine with lots of kids, entertainment, color you can make up and customize easily for any holiday! (Another one of those worth the cost of the DVD ideas) And much, much, more! After the show enjoy quick how and why segments on the Explanation disc- David Kaye discusses tremendous theming ideas practical not only to Halloween , but Christams/Hannukah or any time. I liked the session so much I've been inspired to get to work on a Halloween show for next year, my first in years. Whether it's a quick idea to add into this years show or material to use for years to come- Things Go Magical In the Night is a must have for your working video library. I was there and I couldn't believe how much great stuff I missed and had forgotten, this is good stuff. Expertly shot, edited and packaged by Ryan Risley son of The Riz.

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