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Heart Attack Pack

Heart Attack Pack

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Imagine a sponge four-ball routine using red hearts. Imagine a jumbo heart finale. Imagine a heart with a hole magically healing. Imagine no longer. Heart Attack is more than one trick its an unlimited number of tricks and routines you can do with this specially made sponge prop kit. In addition to all the props you’ll receive a DVD of ideas and a file of script ideas and presentations from our co-creators. Your heart will flutter at all the ideas inside this unique package.


This is a VERY LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE Barry Mitchell Product.
Less than 100 will be available and many were sold before the release.

The Heart Attack Pack includes;

    • 4 – 2-inch red balls
    • 4 – 2-inch hearts
    • 1 – ball to cube
    • 1 – large heart
    • 1 – large heart with hole
    • 2 – holes to fill the heart and
    • Demo DVD including script files from 18 Co-creators

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