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Houdini Silk Set

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This set of three silks includes a 9” Houdini in handcuffs silks, a 9” Houdini who has escaped from his handcuffs silk, and an 18” Brick wall silk.  First, Houdini in handcuffs is placed into a change bag or other device.  When he reemerges he has escaped his chains!  Next, Houdini is pushed into one side of the brick wall- only to disappear (using a thumb tip, hank ball, or palmo).  When the wall is turned over, Houdini reappears!  He has passed through the wall!  A fun and clever story your audience is sure to enjoy.

A performance CD is included!

Connect with seniors, and all, as you tell the amazing and motivational story of Houdini.

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