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King of Kings Blendo Bag

King of Kings Blendo Bag

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We are very proud to announce our new King of Kings Blendo Bag effect. We’re also proud to announce that our customers have created some of the patter and presentation ideas. We took the most beautiful Jesus art available, and combined it with the bag to flag effect, also known by some as “What’s New,” making a truly unique gospel prop. Show a black satin bag and place objects inside. Give the bag a shake and it changes into a beautiful 36-inch Jesus satin cloth. This is the same quality product we make for our Bag to Flag effects, just larger. Comes with demo DVD, instructions, and patter suggestions. The uses for this gospel prop really are unlimited. Many thanks to Rev. Mike Reist for the suggestion to make this worthy effect. Only 100 will be made. . . PERIOD!

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