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Mark Tripp Comedy Magic 101

Mark Tripp Comedy Magic 101

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The classics of magic are classic for a reason...THEY ENTERTAIN! Mark Tripp is a master of magic presentation in the tradition of masters like Karrell Fox and Billy McComb. Actually in their footsteps since he was personally mentored by Karrell and Billy as well as Wally Wilson and Don Viano. Mark has combined the wisdom of his mentors with his own ideas and experience. This is a “workers” DVD. If you “perform for a living” you WILL FIND content here YOU WILL USE. If you just love magic you will find Mark’s presentations funny, masterful and inspiring. The psychology behind the magic is worth the cost of the DVD. There are 20 solid routines for 14 classical stage effects. Some are performed live so you can see how “real” audiences respond. Others are performed in a studio or comedy club setting. The explanations are detailed enough for a child to understand plus an additional pdf file includes even more details. The material on this two DVD set includes almost two hours of performance and over two hours of explanation. This package does much more than teach tricks, it teaches entertainment!

Includes powerfully funny presentations for classics like; the egg bag, linking rings, insurance policy, ropes, bill to wallet, and a treasure chest prediction that you will add to your act immediately. Plus much more. On a personal note, Mark is a close friend and he impresses me with EVERYTHING he does.

"This is one of the best dvds I own. This dvd is very clear and explanatory on the routines. I would recommend it to everyone."
Jarrett Johnson

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