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Palmo Ball

Palmo Ball

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A Palmo Ball is one of the most useful gimmicks a magician can own. The uses are unlimited in the same way a thumb tip is unlimited. Think of it as a dye tube without a ribbon inside. Think of it as a beautiful method to switch one color silk to another, or printed silks. Think of it for switching several silks, for example red to white to blue all through one gimmick. Think of it as what it really is, a metal flesh colored tube, but oh so magical.

Many of our silk effects use palmo balls. Hand and Eye, Butterfly & Caterpillar, Word Wavers, Recycling Silks, Encourage Silks, Put Up Silks, It’s Possible silks, Hero & Zero and more are all easily switched in a palmo. There are no instructions with the palmo, however, all of the products we sell where a palmo is needed come with a demo DVD of how it is used. Trust us on this simple point, once you start working with a palmo ball you will find a use for it in ALL your shows.

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