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Recycling Silks

Recycling Silks

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Go Greener with Recycling silks. These beautiful Wonder Imagery silks are a great addition to our Word Waver line and will make a great addition to your green show. Comes with five 3.5” X 17” and one 2.5” X 13” silks. A green REDUCE silk changes to a smaller REDUCE silk. Next, a green REUSE silk changes into a red REUSED silk. And finally, a green RECYCLE silk changes into a yellow RENEW silk. All three silks change right through the performer’s hand using a palmo ball gimmick, not included. Silks may be changed in your favorite change bag as well. This is beautiful magic, which grabs the kid’s attention while explaining, in simple terms, the meaning of the words. It’s the perfect opening for your green show and comes with script and demo DVD.



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