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Ribbons to American Flag Blendo

Ribbons to American Flag Blendo

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The video above is the full presentation of "American History Bag to Flag."  "Ribbons to American Flag" is performed the same as the "Ribbons to Betsy Ross Flag," which is shown as part of this presentation.

This one of a kind blendo allows you to show three ribbons of silk in red, white, and blue. Fold the ribbons and they magically change into a 24” X 14” American flag. No skill required because the unique design of this Wonder Imagery silk product does all the work. Comes with demo DVD and full instructions. The Betsy Ross version of this blendo product is a part of our American History Bag to Flag effect. Use this American flag version for a quick and easy production of the flag. Also includes full script of our original American Thread routine with the history of the American flag and background music written by Nathan J. Roberts.

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