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Stop crying over spilled milk! Just say, “shame on you!” Stop throwing your money away on paper towels. Just say, “shame on you!” Stop ordering every product you see on television. Just order ShamonU! It’s the super absorbent, super funny, pitchman/magic trick your audiences will love. ShamonU comes with EVERYTHING you need! And we mean everything . . . if you act NOW, we’ll even include the CD you’ll play as you act out the routine. All you’ll need is a couple glasses of water and an audience. Watch the video and soon you’ll be saying “Shame on you!”


But Wait, there’s more! At Barry Mitchell Products, if your order total is over $100, WE PAY THE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. That’s right – the shipping and handling is FREE . . . but only if you order totals $100! How are you gonna beat a deal like that? You can’t! If you want one they are ONLY $59. If not, Shame on you! Remember you must order NOW . . . quantities are limited!

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