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Super Chicken Extra Crispy COMPLETE

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Many years ago, on a stage in Tennessee, a hero was born. After years of quiet performances as feathered friend, Kluck Kent, this hero began his work with entertainers around the world. For 10 years he has been SUPER CHICKEN! But now he has cracked a new shell. Introducing Super Chicken Extra Crispy! He has new capes, new hats, new beaks, new demo DVD, new performance CD with new voice recordings, and most importantly, new logos.


At Heroes-R-Us, we’ve done the work for you to make YOU a super hero EGG-trodinair. Comes with everything you need to COOK up some EGG-citing EGG-ceptional EGG-ertainment for the SUNNY SIDE of your show. You’ll CRACK them up. These are the YOKES people. Place the props in a brief case (not included), attach the Heroes-R-Us logo to the front of it, and BE the hero you were meant to be.

Super Chicken Extra Crispy is the most comical silk to egg routine ever LAID, and now, it’s even crispier. Our head Clucker told us to say that. He's proud as a gamecock about this new edition. Think of it as a comedy skit meets a magic trick that goes OVER EASY on your audience.

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