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Think Different - DIY Magic

Think Different - DIY Magic

  • 2000

This DVD set is sure to become one of Barry’s most popular sets ever!

You’ll discover some of the strongest magic Barry has ever created and it’s all DIY on a budget. The “Random Destiny” effect will show you how a simple principle can be stretched further when you “Think Different.”

DVDs include; Bag-O-Wow 2.0, Big Wand-A, Rainbow Wand-A, Breakfast for Mom, I Phone E, Table Décor, Random Destiny, Animal Arithmetic, The Eight-Card Solution, No Card Tricks, Candy Bag Surprise, BOOM, S’More Ideas, Off Spring, Missing Your Smile, The Black Box, Picture This, and Bank Bag VISTA. When you learn the “Eight-Card Solution” you’ll quickly say it alone is worth more than the cost of the DVDs.
Comes with PDF companion book and several original artwork files, making this a true DIY DVD set. So much content it takes 2 DVDs.

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